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January 12, 2010



You are my kind of people.


Do you know that the Tamarack Hollow Farm guy used to be a vegetarian? So funny. How are you? I sent you a holiday card but it got returned to me. Send me your new addy when you can.


OOo, I know what you mean about the sheets! Even better than that is crisp clean sheets against freshly shaved legs. Weird, I know, but srsly.


Ok, that sign is hysterical!

I think today needs to be a sheet changing day.


That is how I feel about bacon. . . I don't know what would be so wrong with eating it every day.


We refer to that as a Gladys bed. Gladys is our cleaner and she changes over our sheets once a fortnight and makes the bed like hotel staff do - nice and tight. Nothing beats the feeling of slipping gently (so as to avoid untucking) into a Gladys bed.


Hey!! where did you spot that? My friend Amanda needs one of those.

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