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December 31, 2009



Happy New Year to you! Have missed you, too. The few of us who are still Facebook/Twitter-free are still holding down the fort!


Happy new year! Not that I can really talk, being a defunct blogger myself, but I've missed you out here in blogistan!


Happy New Year to you Anne!


Happy new year! Nice to see you in blogland/off Rav. :)

Any chance of eventual pictures of the wrap you wove for yourself?

Paper Tiger

I havent given in to Twitter yet, though it does seem to be *the thing*. Still, does everyone really need to hear the minutia of my day anyway?

Paper Tiger

Aw, thanks! Nice to see you!

Paper Tiger

Thanks, Denise! Hows everything back in New-York-adjacent?

Paper Tiger

Thanks, Naomi! Ill have to see if I can get some okay photos...

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