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October 01, 2006



Love that bracelet. Too cool. Can't you weave in your ends as you knit?


um, how productive are you?! wow! the white sweater is beautiful and professional, and the other is a total dream-- I love the neckline and the shape etc, so chic and unusual & lovely.

i'm wild about the colors for the pullover, and the bracelet is beautiful (totally goes with the chic black sweater).

And Mansfield Park was never my favorite Austen. I'm interested to hear what you think. There's something empty about it. My favorite is Persuasion.


I'm with Nancy--PERSUASION is the best of the Austen novels. But I'll read her sly wit in anything.

Short Rows looks beautiful! The colors are great, and I see you've also found how fast it progresses and how the despair of the ends makes you forget that fact. I'll jump right back in so I can keep up. (But I'm having fun knitting gift bulky cashmere scarves, she wails.)


I like the colors you picked for Short Rows. And that's a very cute pic of Orville.


its nice when you post FOs in one fell swoop. makes me think you are incredibly prolific. (nice work!) word to the wise: i have peyote stitched glass beads (miyuki delicas) over hard surfaces (caboschons, etc) and if they drop or hit any other hard surface, they break. many a ruined necklace. the big guys may work better, but its something to think about when you want to protect you little ipod.

i can't wait to see the short row FO. i have no idea what that pattern looks like so it is very interesting!
and we'll talk about your lace on fri -- i am bad for not emailing you back for real, but the only emailing and blogging i do these days is when i procrasitnate on lab reports... (knitting? hah!)


Emma is my favorite Austen novel, although I love most of them -- Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility -- sigh. Northanger Abbey -- bah. Mansfield Park is OK. Some people really dislike the main character because she's a bit wimpy, but I don't. And did you catch the Harry Potter tie-in from Mansfield Park?


I like that turtleneck.

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