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October 10, 2006



Smaller than Estes? wow. Rhinebeck won't disappoint, though.


oh...i hope you feel better. good news: one of the girls in my program has a house near rheinbeck and if she doen't already have plans with her hubby -- pooh -- we may go up fri night and spend the day on sat -- and i can take rollie! otherwise it is a no-go day trip without the puppers....i can't wait to see documented evidence of all of your booty -- you definately made out like a bandit considering!!!


Heh...I do that almost every morning. "No, really! I could be sick! I'm sure if I concentrate hard enough, I'll come down with something...."

And yet, I keep getting up and going to work. I'd like to think that it's a good work ethic, but I suspect it's that paycheck thing that keeps me going.


I'm so excited you're going to be at Rhinebeck. I can't wait! And it will certainly blow you away since this last one was such a disappointment.

It's not just your part of the country that's gloomy and grey. It's the same here. I'm hoping it'll clear up for Rhinebeck because the fall colors are spectacular on a sunny day.

Glad to hear you had a good time even though it was slightly disappointing. At least you still had fun with the girls!


Oh dear. I hope the week is getting better. And I'll see you next week! yahooo! Or I hope I will.


Thanks again for the ride to the airport! I made it to CA with no problems; it's lovely here, and I may swing by the yarn store this weekend. Hope you're feeling better!

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