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September 02, 2005



I've got enough good wishes to go around. It's interesting how people will apply one logic to themselves, but another to those around them. I obviously don't know your dad, but he sounds like mine has at times when he only had my best interests in mind, but wasnt' really looking at the big picture (for instance, that you love the Wilbur and aren't going to put him down because he's "expensive"). I think it's the nature of people. I hope his surgery goes nice and smooth, no matter when it happens. :)


I hope Wilbur comes through okay. Surgery isn't really ever fun, especially for a cat who has no idea what's going on. (Although Mel, my kitten, seemed more traumatized by the trolley rides to and from the vet than by his neutering operation on Tuesday, so what do I know.)


Poor Wilbur! I'll definitely keep him in my thoughts!! And I know exactly what you mean with the expression "there's no such thing as a free cat" . . . my Cloey has allergies that require expensive treatment and periodic testing, and though it's a bit of a strain sometimes, I wouldn't not do it.


I'll second Amber's comment... my dad's the same way.

The only advice I can offer is to (in the future), besides whatever your vet recs (depending on the type of crystals, they'll rec one of two types of food), get him used to eating wet food.

There are a bunch of advantages (cats are AWESOME at concentrating urine and extracting every last drop of water from it, unfortunatly with the switch to dry food, they don't get themselves enough water and become little stone-producing-factories) but 2 major disadvantages. You need to feed once or twice a day instead of free-feeding (a good idea for a whole nother set of reasons, but I'll leave those for googling, if you're interested) and you've got to get him used to it (easy or hard depending on his personality). Start with small ammts of hot water (and let it sit first, and get stinky) and move up to cold kitty-kibble soup.

I had a dog that couldn't be left alone after his seperation-anxiety drugs stopped working, so I took him with me everywhere I went for a year, until that was too stressfull for him too (and put him to sleep). Prior to that, he was also the $2k surgery for a $5 cheep dog toy dog. :-(


Awwww....poor Wilbur! I had bladder issues with Fred (the one who isn't a triplet with your cats) early this year, and it sucked! He was peeing blood uncontrollably for a day, then after the first vet trip in and out of the litter box every 10 minutes, but not peeing. Now that he's on prescription wet food, he's just fine...but defintely not a free cat.

Give Wilbur a few extra pettings from me...and good luck...

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